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Philippines Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.

SEC REG.NO CN-2001-26035


In June, 1969, missionary Elva Vanderbout Soriano decided to take a furlough to her home country the United States of America.  It was her second visit since she came to the Philippines in late 1946. She took along one of her adopted sons – Donald, who did not enroll in his second year of college, to be her “baggage boy”.

After visiting her relatives in California and Colorado, she proceeded to attend the Camp Meeting of Lester Sumrall in South Bend, Indiana.  Lester Sumrall and his wife Louise graciously housed both of them in their home while they stayed for two weeks there.  During the camp meeting, she met and made friends with a lady pastor, Rev. Margaret Hendricks who invited her (and Donald) to visit her church in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, and to be introduced to the Association that she belonged to.

So after attending the Camp Meeting of Lester Sumrall, we proceeded to St. Louis, Missouri where we were introduced to Dr. Granville Rayl, President and Founder of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, U.S.A.  Donald made friends with Dr. Rayl’s children and became acquainted with a young secretary Shirley Gruver.  After fellowshipping and discussing about the Association, everyone was excited to expand the Association to the Philippines.  A long distance call was made to Rev. Juan B. Soriano in the Philippines who readily agreed to incorporate the Association in the Philippines.

When Rev. Donald Soriano, returned to the Philippines from Hawaii, in order to go back to his studies, he carried with him all the documents needed to register the Association in the Philippines.  Rev. Juan B. Soriano, together with Rev. Albino Soriano, and sometimes Donald Soriano made several trips to Manila to incorporate the Association in the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  It was finally registered in January, 1970 as the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, (Philippines), Inc.

The first convention was held in February, 1970 at Tuding, Itogon, Benguet.  The Home of Rev. and Mrs. Juan and Elva Soriano became the first headquarters, and the first Board of Directors were;

Rev. Gervacio Tovera, Jr., chairman;  Rev. Wire Gonzalez Sr., Vice-Chairman; Rev. Albino M. Soriano, Secretary; Rev. Juan B. Soriano treasurer;  Rev. Benigno Maningan, Board member; Rev. Elva Vanderbout Soriano, Board Member;  Rev. Donald V. Soriano, Youth Director. The first church Building build by the Association was in Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga. Rev. Ernesto Labasin was the first pastor another church quickly followed in Pacpaca, Luba, Abra, under Rev. Antonio Watil.

The association expanded rapidly all over the Philippines.  In April, 1972 a representative of the Association in the U.S.A. visited the headquarters and retrieved all the corporation documents and informed the Board of Directors that there was a new national chairman – Rev. Carlos Bisuelan of San Fernando.

During the occasional visits of Rev. Donald V. Soriano to the U.S.A., Rev. Granville Rayl would often call him and invite Pastor Soriano to return to the Association.  It was not until 1998 that Rev. Donald Soriano formally became licensed and affiliated again with the Association in the United States.  In 2000 the decision was made to revive the Association in the Philippines, but it was met with many legal and organizational problems due to the negligence of past Chairmen of the Association in the Philippines.

Rev. Donald V. Soriano advised international headquarters to wait for the “death” of the old Association (because it only had a lifespan of 30 years), and re-incorporate the Association.  So in 2003, the Association was re-registered as a Filipino corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission as the Philippines Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.

The Associations objective is to create an avenue of fellowship, cooperation, and leadership especially for Independent, Indigenous and native Filipino fellowships, congregation and churches.


Rev. Donald V. Soriano

Rev.  Agusto B. Dato 

Rev. Celia B. Soriano

1. Rev. Violeta Mercado
2. Rev. Andesa Bautista
3. Rev. salvador Magalay
4. Rev. Jimmy Villavicencio
5. Rev. Angelo Cayabas
6. Rev. Apolinario Calizen
7. Rev. Marites Delos Santos