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Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Inc.

  • A religious, Pentecostal, Indigenous, International group of 400 Churches and 600 Ministers & workers throughout the Philippines and in 46 countries.
  • Incorporated: January 1972

                 a. Christian Fellowship Center - Baguio City
                 b. Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Noah's Ark- Tuding
                 c. National Women's Group-  Rev. Andesa Bautista - President
                 d. National Men's Group
                 e. National Youth Aflame - Jonalyn Olsim - President
                 f. Bethesda Ministries International - HONGKONG-Rev. Juanita Rufino, Pastor
                 g. Bethesda Ministries International - MACAU - Rev. Imelda William, Pastor
                 h. Bethesda Subdivision - Engr. Aliver & Dr. Deborah Mangonon, Incharge
                 i. Districts, Churches, and Ministers

Calvary Christian Life School, Inc.
  • A Christian Boarding School for Children
  • Incorporated: March 1977
                a. Elementary Department
                b. High School Department

Calvary Pentecostal Schools of Ministry, Inc.
               a. Bible Colleges – 3 year training schools
               b. Bible Institutes – 1 year Bible training courses
               c. Short-term Bible Training courses
               d. Local Seminars & Local Training Schools in churches

Bethesda Children’s Home, Inc.

  • A child caring institution
      • Incorporated: July 165                   EXPIRED: 2015

Bethesda Community Health Evangelist, Inc.

  • a charitable outreach for medical, health programs, and medical aid
  • Incorporated: June 1991
                    a. Assisting Hospitals and Clinics
                    b. Conducting Medical Missions
                    c. Aid to handicapped and medically disabled persons.
                    d. Shelter for unwed mothers and battered women
                    e. Handling of donated hospital and medical equipment, medical supplies, medicines, and assistive devices

Bethesda Christian Entrepreneurs, Inc.

            a. Small businesses of less than Fifty Thousand Pesos (50,000.00) capital
            b. Farm and Agricultural endeavors at Ambangonan, Pugo, La Union
            c. Business Initiatives - Pilipinas Biringan
            d. Cooperatives & Joint Business Enterprises.


Bethesda Relief and Disaster Rehabilitation Ministries

  • Incorporated: 1991

Philippines Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.

  • A fellowship of Ministers and Churches
  • Incorporated: February 2004
  • Affiliated with Association of International Gospel Assemblies- De Soto, Missouri, USA – Dr. Hazel Rail, President

Bethesda Cares International

  • a U.S- based charitable organization
Current Address: Sta. Maria, California, USA
Chairman: Rev. Lt. Colonel Ralph Cates, US Air Force-Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Vice- Chairman: Robert Soriano - Sta. Maria, California, USA
Secretary: Rev. Ken & Brenda Moody- Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Treasurer: Traci Hackler Soriano - Sta. Maria, California, USA


  • Affiliated with AIGA – USA
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada