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Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Inc.


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In November of 1965, BETHESDA CHAPEL was started in the home of Rev. Juan B. Soriano and Rev. Elva Vanderbout Soriano, purposely for the use of the more than 30 children and young people they were caring for. Many other friends and neighbors, some as far away as Km 4, La Trinidad and Samoyao, Itogon came to join the services.

In late 1967, a special revival was held for young people conducted by Rev. Rhey Llarena and went on for two weeks as the Holy Spirit moved mightily in their midst. Mommie ( as Elva Vanderbout Soriano was known) made many trips to Antamok Trail, Baguio Gold, and Antamok Tram bringing dozens of young people to the services and who got saved and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Donald Soriano was one of the young men and women mightily touched by God in these services.

In April of 1968, Donald graduated from High School and was awarded many scholarships for college, but the family thought that the American Field Service Scholarships were the best opportunity for him. He accepted the scholarship and received placement with a family in Boone, Colorado, U. S. A. but in May, 1968 while giving his testimony at a youth gathering of Rev. Wire Gonzalez in Cabadbaran, Agusan Norte God spoke to and called Donald into the ministry, particularly to young people. He gave up his scholarship to the United State and began to devote his full-time to witnessing to young people all over the community of Tuding and then La Trinidad and Baguio City. In December, 1968 he organized the National Full Gospel Youth Movement with 26 members based at Bethesda Chapel, and in 1969 began to multiply into many areas of Mountain Province, Ifugao, Abra, Pangasinan, and then all over the Philippines and  in 13 countries in Asia.

This was the NATIONAL FULL GOSPEL YOUTH MOVEMENT CONFERENCE in the 1970s here at Tuding, Itogon, Benguet. It is now known as the NATIONAL YOUTH FLAME. Glory to God.

Together with Daddy Soriano, Rev. Donald V. Soriano began coordinating National Evangelistic Crusade under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism – selecting, training, equipping and supervising 53 native evangelists all over the Philippines. Each year, since 1970 up to 1977, more than 150 evangelistic crusades were conducted in unreached towns and villages, resulting in 1,250 or more congregations and churches established. Gordon Lindsay assisted more than 40 church buildings thru Rev. Donald V. Soriano’s supervision and a additional 100 church roofs were provided to congregations that had contributed their counterpart for their church building.

In January of 1970, together with pastors, youth leaders and “Daddy”Rev. Juan B. Soriano, organized the CALVARY GOSPEL TABERNACLE, INC., (formerly Bethesda Chapel) with Rev. Juan B. Soriano as a President and Donald V. Soriano as a Vice President. Several independent churches decided to affiliate with the new organization, namely Mayoyao, Ifugao; Sumadel, Tadian, Mountain Province; Nacagang, Sagada, Mountain Province; Banguitan, Besao, Mountain Province; Talubin, Bontoc, Mountain Province; Matibuey San Emilio, Ilocos Sur, and Pacpaca, Luba, Abra.

From January, 1970 to October, 1977, Rev. Donald V. Soriano served as a National Evangelist for Asia under Morris Cerullo, and also as a Supervisor and Trainor of national evangelists.Pastor Soriano served from January, 1972 to January, 1977 on the International Board of Directors for Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, helping Dr. Cerullo in his office in San Diego, California, and assisting in many of Dr. Cerullo’s crusade in the U. S., Philippines and Asia.

“El Cortez Hotel, San Diego, California, January, 1972. The anointing of a Proof Producer never left. Glory to God.”  

Rev. Donald V. Soriano also served as crusade coordinator of Rev. Ernest Angley; Rev.Don Stewart; Rev. Lester Sumrall; Rev Gordon Linsday; Rev. Steve Ryder of Australia; Rev. Weston Carryer of New Zealand.  These crusades resulted in thousands of souls won to the Kingdom of God, and dozens of congregations started.  Pastor Donald also coordinated crusades of lesser-name evangelists throughout the Philippines.

In February, 1970 while at an area fellowship in Nacagang, Sagada, Mountain Province, God spoke to Pastor Donald, to start a short-term, one year Bible Training Course which opened in June, 1970 at Tuding, Itogon, Benguet with more than 80 enrollees.  The School was called Calvary Bible Institute, and in 1977 began to branch out into Mayoyao Ifugao; Talubin, Bontoc, Mountain Province; Pinkian, Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya; Balungao, Pangasinan; Minglanilla, Cebu; Loay, Bohol; Manabo, Abra; Katipunan, Zamboanga Norte; Cabadbaran, Agusan Norte; Santiago, Isabela; and now in Aguinaldo, Ifugao; Diego Silang, Diffun, Quirino Province; Polomok, South Cotabato; Norala, South Cotabato; Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet; Pola and Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro.  Some schools are operating with the cooperation of their host organization or fellowship.  Calvary Bible Institute has been operating continuously for almost 30 years, and in May, 1993 Calvary Pentecostal Schools of Ministry, Inc., was organized and properly registered with the government as a covering for all the Training Schools, and Bible College which started operation in June, 1988.  To date, more than 3,000 pastors and ministers of the Gospel have come thru these Bible Schools and now head other Bible Schools of their own, while others are leaders of their own respective fellowships and organizations.  Dozens are working as tent- making missionaries in 26 foreign countries.

In 1992 The International Board of Advisers was created to help the leadership of Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Inc.  These Advisers have been supporters and friends of Bethesda Ministries for more than 30 years, several for 60 years.  All have personally visited the Lord’s work here in the Philippines and personally acquainted with Daddy and Mommie Soriano, as well as the other leaders of our organization.  Rev. Bill Brown’s parents were Daddy’s Father and Mother in the Lord, and Bill Brown has been helping the Lord’s work since 1930 thru Daddy Soriano.  Rev. Joel Ogren and his wife Helen, met Daddy Soriano during World War II in Baguio, and has been helping the work since then.  We are grateful to these friends and supporters who have faithfully helped, visited, supported prayer for and encouraged the Lord’s work here in the Philippines for these many years.

Rev. Donald V. Soriano and his wife Celia, and other dedicated and wonderful men and women of God continue to do a mighty work in the Philippines and in many foreign nations. 

In January, 2022 Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Inc., will be celebrating it’s 50th Golden Anniversary with a Greater Vision, and New Anointing and a Mightier Outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on all it’s churches, congregations, preaching points and affiliates all over the world.



Rev. Donald V. Soriano
Rev. Agusto B. Dato
Ma’am Andrea T. Locano
Rev. Celia B. Soriano



Rev. Donald V. Soriano
Rev. Apolinario B. Calizen
Vice- Chairman
Rev. Angelo P. Cayabas
Rev. Celia B. Soriano


50th years Foundation Anniversary of
“Preparing for His Millennial Reign”