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Bethesda Community Health Evangelists, Inc.

S.E.C. Registry No. BN093-000183

Bethesda Ministries thru it’s two “mother” organizations – Calvary Gospel Tabernacle, Inc., a religious denomination, and Bethesda Children’s Home, Inc., a Christian Boarding Home for children and youth, have been always involved in providing health, nutrition and medical outreach programs under it’s organizational and corporate structure.

However, in response to the twin devastations of the July 1990 earthquake in Baguio City and surrounding areas, and the June, 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Tarlac-Zambales area, we decided to fully separate and formally launch the health and medical ministries and programs under the two corporations mentioned above, to be known as the Bethesda Community Health Evangelists, Inc., headquarters at 908 Sibal, Tuding, Itogon, Benguet.

This branch ministry was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission in March, 1993 to consolidate all the health, nutrition, medical and sanitation projects of Bethesda Ministries.  The following were the programs consolidated under this corporation;

  1. MEDICAL/DENTAL/OPTICAL/PHYSICAL THERAPY MEDICAL OUTREACH MISSIONS (CLINICS)-  Local Medical teams, as well as those from abroad had been doing outreach work thru the church and children’s home ministries since the early 1980’s.  Small and large teams from Canada, U.S.A., South Korea, Australia, England, Germany and Japan conducted outreach medical missions to many parts of the country.  At one time, combined foreign and Filipino teams ministered to more than 20,000 patients in 27 areas in 2004.

2. MEDICAL/DENTAL/OPTICAL CLINICS-    At various times and places, small clinics were maintained at Bethesda Children’s Home, many local churches, and several in Baguio City.  Assistance in terms of clinic equipment and supplies were provided to many private as well as government run RHUs all over the Philippines.  From 1983 to 2010, more than 300 clinics in various parts of the country received equipment, supplies and medicines.

  • 3. MEDICINES, VITAMINS, AND HOSPITAL AND CLINIC SUPPLIES.  More than 100 private and government run hospitals have received assistance in terms of equipment, supplies, medicines and vitamins in many parts of the country – ranging from large equipment such as CT scans, operating tables, dialysis machines, and X-rays, to small equipment like suction pumps, blood pressure apparatus, and the like.  Millions of dollars worth of such equipment and supplies have been donated thru Bethesda Community Health Evangelists, Inc.  Medicines and vitamins also worth millions of dollars have been donated, and were provided to the poor and needy in many areas of the Philippines.
Turn-over of hospital equipment to Muslim Mayor of Columbio,  Sultan Kudarat
  • 4. FEEDING PROGRAMS.  From 1983 to 1988, 5,000 children were participating in a feeding program particularly in remote areas of the provinces of Abra, Mt. Province, Benguet, Nueva Viscaya, Isabela, Ifugao and Ilocos Sur, including Baguio City.  Smaller feeding programs continued in the intervening years, but in 2006 a massive feeding program was initiated thru the assistance of Hapag-Asa Foundation, Feed the Children, and other NGOs.  Current participation in the daily feeding programs number 243,533 undernourished children.
  • 5. MEDICAL/SURGICAL/HEALTH INTERVENTIONS TO CHILDREN IN DISTRESS-.  Bethesda Ministries has assisted more than 1,000 children thru various types of medical, surgical and health interventions, cooperating with government and other non-government organizations to help children with hydrocephalus, burn victims, false anus, cleft palate & harelip, crippled and handicapped children, children with eye and ear difficulties, etc.  Another 500 children and youth have received assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.

6. SOLAR POWER COOKING AND PURIFICATION.  Approximately 200 community leaders, 500 women and 100 schools were provided with demonstrations of solar box cookers made out of indigenous materials and discarded boxes, in an effort to reduce dependence on firewood and charcoal.  Demonstrations of water purification thru the use of discarded pet (plastic) water containers were also demonstrated to help reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases.

These programs were implemented by an all-volunteer force of doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, physical therapists, pharmacists and civilian volunteers from many organizations, communities and churches.  Children that grew up at Bethesda Children’s Home and are who now working as medical professionals have been a great asset in the implementation of these programs.  Members from our churches, as well as those from affiliates throughout the Philippines and abroad also made significant contributions.

The humanitarian, charitable outreach programs continue with as little fanfare as possible, and is totally non-partisan, non-denominational and voluntary.

We are grateful to the many donors of equipment, supplies, medicines, vitamins and finance from many countries, organizations, hospital systems, individuals, friends and supporters of Bethesda Ministries.