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Bethesda Christian Entrepreneurs, Inc.,

1986 Donald was introduced to the concept of micro-entrepreneurship as a means to uplift families, households and villages out of poverty, by providing small grants of groups of family entrepreneurs. Since the start of this branch of Ministry, Donald has assisted more than 500 micro-businesses in various parts of the Philippine. Some businesses start with “pig tied-to-a-post” backyard business by a poor family, and many have progressed into a larger business or contributed to a higher standard of living. Many families have been able to send their children to college with the profit from their businesses. Others have been able to build better houses, while others used their profits to find better paying jobs abroad.

Donald V. Soriano at the UN, New York, U.S.A.

In 1992, Donald was invited to speak to the Congress of Non- Government Organizations at the United Nations in New York, in recognition of his outstanding work with micro-entrepreneurs. It was a rare privilege to present a Christian perspective to poverty alleviations as implemented by Bethesda Ministries.

n 1997, Donald participated in setting up a federation of Cooperatives in the Cordilleras, to help small farmers in the tribal areas. He was instrumental in providing seed potatoes to potato farmers to improve their planting stock. He also helped the cooperative open marketing outlets for the farmers’ products, as well as setting up a carrot-dehydrations plant. He also helped introduced environmentally friendly products such as organic fertilizers and pesticides, and household goods like lard, cooking oil, soap, etc. made from coconuts (and not from chemicals).

Mrs. Jones & Rev. Donald Soriano Turnover the potato seed to the farmers of Benguet Cooperatives