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Bethesda Children’s Home was established in 1948 by an American lady missionary, Mrs. Elva Vanderbout-Soriano. The Children’s Home serves as a boarding home to  abandoned, neglected, illegitimate, orphaned and dependent children from all over the Philippines most especially from the Cordillera Provinces.   The goal of the Home is to produce God-fearing, productive citizens with the spiritual, humanitarian and social consciousness.
In 1985, Mrs. Elva Vanderbout Soriano decided to return to the United States due to failing health and later passed away in 1990. Donald Soriano, one of the first babies brought to the home in 1952 and was adopted by the founder, continued the leadership of Bethesda Children’s Home
Donald began serving as Secretary for the Home in 1970,and in 1975 became Administrator. When Mommie Elva Vanderbout suffered a series of serious heart attacks, Donald took over as Director of the Home in 1980 and has continued to be the head of the orphanage.  Since 1975 when Donald & Celia took into their home and became father , mother, older brother or sister, to more than 4,000 abused, neglected, abandoned, orphaned, sickly, destitute and desperate children and youth. Some stayed for many years, growing up in the Home and becoming professionals, ministers, pastors, and lay persons of all trades and occupations. More than 200 children have received their College Degrees thru the help of Donald and Celia.
Rev. Donald & Celia Soriano

In 1975 Freda Lindsay (Christ for the Nations) provided funds to build a children’s dormitory, and in 1978 the Dutch Government provided additional funds for a building for training of the children in technical / vocational skills. In 1988, Good Shepherd Foundation in Florida provided funds to build a new three story dormitory for the children, and in 1991 purchase of an additional 2.5 hectares of adjoining land was completed. Again, in 1990, 1994 and 1998, Good Shepherds Foundation provided funds to purchase vehicles for the use of the orphanage


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